Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover

Carrying new life into the world is a mind-boggling experience that gives a great deal of pleasure. The lady’s body is remarkable and it’s astounding the way in which it works and adjusts to empower this magnificent occasion. As the size and state of the body transform, it can frequently show the impacts of stretched skin and over-accumulated weight, particularly after childbirth.

Not all ladies find that their body gets back to their previous appearance following the delivery, and this is where Doctor Neetu’s mummy makeover can have an effect.

The mummy makeover is an assortment of customized treatments that can assist with regaining a lady’s pre-pregnancy body. Contingent upon your individual worries, a tailor-made plan of treatments can assist with rediscovering your regular shape and restore your certainty. Your customized plan can deliver novel outcomes, and may include: Ultra previous – emitting High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to the hips, thighs, and stomach can assist with firming and fixing the skin. Nuclear power can attempt to dissolve fat, as well as invigorate the collagen strands for whole, better skin.

BTL skin fixing – is a treatment that is perfect for body contouring and focusing on adamant areas of fat. This method utilizes radiofrequency energy to warm the dermis and energize collagen creation. Reasonable for use on the arms, thighs, back, and stomach, the Exilis Elite cycle can assist with reshaping and toning the body.

Profhilo – redesigning the inner structure of the dermis and helping its hydration can help benefit the skin by providing a gentler, smoother, and firmer appearance. Appropriate for use on the face and body, profhilo can assist with working on the vibe of the arms, hands, and neck.

IV drips – Our most famous drips incorporate ‘immunity booster’, ‘mood support’, and ‘detox fat consuming’. Controlled by means of a cannula in the arm, these dribbles are effective and can assist with supporting your general prosperity.

The convention is totally subject to every individual case, and a progression of treatment sessions is frequently expected to accomplish the ideal result.

To find out how this treatment can get your body back in shape, please call our Skin Specialist Dr. Neetu and her team in Chandigarh today