Medical Facial

Medical Facial

As the name suggests, medical facial are automatically performed within an aesthetician’s office and uses medical- grade products as tools. Medical facials are tailored to your skin concerns and generally follow the same process as that of a spa facial including cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing but work on a very deep level. Medical facials may include other popular components like dermaplaning, a microcurrent, ultrasound, radio waves, LED light therapy, and carbon peeling for firming and lifting the skin.
These facials are considered a very safe and effective way of creating an astounding aesthetic appearance in the minimally invasive way possible.

Who is the medical facial for?

Medical facials are always best if given after proper consultation with your dermatologist. Doctor Neetu at HM Aesthetics, Chandigarh is the best cosmetologist in the Tricity area for all your skin concerns and woes. Anyone can take a medical facial which can be customized to accommodate skin needs like rectifying aging, dehydration, sun damage, and acne scar removal.

Medical facials are considered one of the best treatments for treating chronic rosacea. it should be noted that pregnant women and people with any kind of cardiac condition who take blood thinners should avoid microcurrent therapy which is an important component in medical facials. as discussed above facial treatment and the game plan are always discussed before undergoing treatment with your skin clinic.

How is a medical facial done?

Since a medical facial is much more intense than a regular spa, it is obviously less pampering and relaxing but the results are well worth it. After the consultation process, the esthetician will cleanse, steam, exfoliate and massage your skin, including dermaplaning, chemical peels, microcurrent, and LED light therapy, using the method best suited for your skin. The entire procedure takes about 30 to 90 minutes to complete, and medical facials have practically no downtime or side effects.

Key Benefits of Medical Facial:-

  • It will make your skin smoother, tighter, brighter, and more lifted.
  • A medical facial is considered a booster treatment for your regular skincare routine.
  • A medical facial once a month is suitable considering the stress and rigid schedule of women.
  • It is a painless and non-surgical treatment.
  • This treatment is a helpful remedy for reducing the symptoms of aging.