Acne or Pimple treatment

Acne or Pimple Treatment

The way doctors diagnose acne is by looking at the breakouts on the skin. Acne can have many causes and it depends on the skin type and lifestyle of the patient. Only after determining what type of acne the patient has, a treatment plan can be implemented.

Typically, it is seen that conditions that look like acne should be dealt with separately. For example, people mistake ‘inversa’ for everyday acne. The treatment for this condition is very different from acne. Another condition that can be mistaken for acne is ‘perioral dermatitis’. It often causes breakouts that look like acne around the mouth.

We, at Dr. Neetu’s Skin Clinic, HM Aesthetics, Chandigarh, have reassuring treatments in place for various such conditions. Doctor Neetu is the best skincare expert and cosmetologist with over a decade and a half of experience under her belt in treating aesthetic concerns.

Sometimes acne needs extra help

  • Laser light therapy – Laser and light therapy work wonders when coupled with other topical acne treatments, as the studies show that light emission and exposure to the skin level can help clear acne very fast.

Treatment plan changes after the results are seen

Follow-up appointments are a must after prior sessions of the treatment. It is advised to stick to the plan prescribed by the dermatologist for treating the patient’s acne. Treating chronic acne could be a very long procedure and, in the worst cases, may require several years before the effects are seen.